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Are you working your “Baby Steps”?  Getting your bills paid down while saving for the Emergency Fund.  Well this stencil will make these tasks a little more enjoyable. Use the stack of coins in several stacks and color them in for each dollar saved or even every $100.00!  Watch the pile grow.  Or make a coin border design.  This stencil includes a symbol for your bank, home, money bag, piggy bank, coins and more

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This stencil is cleanly cut out of flexible plastic material that will bend to make it easy to use in bound journals or bibles. They are flexible and will move or bend with rough use. They are tear resistant but not proof and can be gently wiped clean of pen and stamping ink. 

A hint in using any stencil is to secure it with a low tack tape like washi and trace with a pencil or a fine tip pen. That will give you a super clean image. It is then easy to go over again with color pencils or ink as you wish. 

Stencil measure 3.5×5.5 inches.

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Stencils come in assorted colors. 


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