Summer Time! Finally!!

Summertime is finally here for us in Minnesota. 

So we better get busy!  Tilling, Planting, finding all our garden tools from last year and making a plan for this year.  

I love my garden.  But, I was not very kind to it last year and it repaid the favor, by not providing us the bounty we hoped for.  This time around, I vow to do better.  Haha, I always do!  

But we are off to a good start. 

It was a hot Saturday.  Even our pups were looking for ways to cool down.  

We decided to plant mostly vegetables that we got from the farmers market and the little Amish farm up the road.  That place is my favorite!  It’s so rustic and organic.  Every time I visit, I think I could live this simple life too.  Then I come home to my cell phone and laptop and color pencils and stencils and am perfectly happy to sit and journal about the farmers we talked to that day.  What we learned from everyone and all the great vegetables that were planted.  It’s a pretty sweet life we live too.  We are thankful. 

I’m sharing with you a page I created that shows my garden plans and notes.  I used Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencils and a Micron Pigma pen, size .005 and .01

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Bring on Spring!

Spring is Natures way of saying “OK! Lets Party”
First comes Valentines Day, St Patricks Day, Easter, May Day, Cinco de Mayo. Journal This Now has a stencil for all of the wonderful memories and moments to record in your journals and planners. We have so many ideas flowing for fun and colorfully creative pages. Stick with us through the last days of Winter, and lets show Spring a thing or two! Make sure to check out all the new listings we have each week.


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Some Pig!

Some Pig! 

Fall in Minnesota this year has been awesome! Mild weather has delayed the inevitable winter that looms over us. But we miss most of it, because, like most of you, we have jobs and obligations that keep us indoors and on the run most of the time.  

On this particular day, Jenn texts me and says “you better come outside”,



Being the worry wort that I am, by the time I came out of the office, down the stairs and hit the garage door, I had envisioned my husband pinned under the tractor or some sort of accident with the chainsaw.  (Being the cheery, carefree person I am) Instead, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  

A Pig! . . . . . In our driveway!

I just thought Jenn was getting us lunch!?! 

Lesson learned:  Sometimes you just need to stop and . . . .  well . . . .  smell the roses.  Otherwise, we might miss a visiting Pig. . . . . And a sunny Autumn day!

So I had to record this day in my journal!  I hope one day my Grandkids will look through my journals and think, “Grandma had a fun life”  Just the way I feel when I look at pictures of my mom and dad.  

Here is how I used our Pig Stencil in my LT1917 dotted A5.






Where there is one pig, there are others!  Cow Sheep and Chicken stencils were born. Here is one idea on how to use our pig stencil with colored pencils.  

and remember . . . . 

Winter is coming!

  • Janae
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