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Helping you be purposeful in making the best use of your journals no matter which kind you have chosen to work with.

Welcome Autumn!

Beautiful Fall Weather, Harvesting of Gardens, Back-to-School and a Bounty of Fall Stencils and Stickers for your Journal!

Thanks for helping us celebrate our first year of creating fun stencils for you and making some great friendships along the way.  We love helping you be purposeful in making the best use of your journals no matter which kind you have chosen to work with.  There are so many options to choose from and each one unique and customizable for you.

Make sure to check out our new Stickers. We have over forty designs all ready to embellish your journals.  Color them to your heart’s desire. 

In this sample, we used our new stickers called Daily 1031 (how exciting of a name it that?) and the soon to be posted “Weather” stickers.  Also, we used our newest stencil “Squares for LT”.  We hope it will become one of your most useful tools in laying out your journal pages.  11 boxes, sized to fit the dotted or grid pages in your Leuchtturm 1917 journal. 

We always suggest your trace your layout, first with a pencil, then follow with your favorite pen. Please stay with us, while we post more blog content and how-tos.  



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Brain Dump Stencil

You know when you come home and your brain is exploding with everything you need to do, every errand and appointment you need to run, and the calls or emails you need to return?  That’s when you just got to dump it all out on a journal page to look at it and organize it into management chunks.

Also a great set of stencils that help you to prioritize is our canning jar and boulders stencil.  Heard the story about the Big Rocks?  ZenHabits.net explains well like this:

If your week is seven buckets, and you go into each bucket without planning ahead, and you fill it up with little pebbles and grains of sand and whatever other debris comes your way … soon there will be no room for the Big Rocks. Your buckets fill up faster than you know it, and once your buckets are full, you’re done. You can’t get bigger buckets.

What you can do is put the Big Rocks in first, and fill in the pebbles and sand around them.”

Use the canning jar stencil and inside of it stencil in the big boulders first and then fill in with the little rocks and pebbles.  Then tag each of these with what needs to be accomplished. Assigning your biggest tasks to the boulders and scale down your tasks to the pebbles.

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