About Us

Jennifer Overkamp

My name is Jennifer (Jenn). I started this shop with my mom to share the joy of creativity in all forms.  I currently have a bullet journal, Erin Condren life planner and a journaling Bible.  I use our stencils in all of them!!!! For the last couple years I have been working around Minnesota in local craft fairs and shows selling handmade knit and crochet items and baby accessories.  Then my mother showed me Bible journaling and bullet journaling. I was hooked, but couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for hence we started this shop.

In addition to this shop I work full time as a paramedic on night shift and also am in nursing school, planning on finishing in 2017.  I live in Minnesota with my husband and have two pretty awesome kids (2 and 5 yrs old).
Janae Walsh

My name is Janae and about year ago I felt compelled to bring some order to my life. I wanted to organize my thoughts, time and rid myself of the anxiety that disorganization brings.  I fell in love with bullet journaling.  Everything about it. The doodling, drawing and list making. I loved the relief I felt as I was able to bring more order through note taking. I have been a tole painter for 15 years and a seamstress for most of my life. I have also had a love for scrapbooking since my kids were little.  For a short while, I even owned a scrapbook store which fueled my love of all things paper.

I enjoy figuring out how to construct and create each craft and once completed, look for the next project.  It’s a little hard to admit that, but trying to master many different projects has helped me to know what I love.  When I pick up my journal, stencils and my colored pencils, I know some fun is going to happen. Some peace will have been found. Some breaths will be taken.  I hear people exclaim that they cannot do this or that they are not crafty… That is partly what our webpage is for, it is designed for everyone. From the experienced to the novice crafter who want the tools to expand their artistic skills and abilities. Our goal at Journal This Now is to not bog you down with product and more stuff to carry on the go, but rather to lighten your load and give you the portable solutions and tools to do so.


Please don’t hesitate to share questions, comments or concerns with us. We are happy to help and we hope that we can share and encourage each other.