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Summer is in full swing.  We are sitting at a campfire talking shop and mentally preparing for school to start in 5 weeks…..Insert Jenns’ happy dance.  

We have been working hard at getting new items and designs in the shop.  We were super happy to introduce the stencil storage albums earlier this summer. And just last night Janae posted some new stencils the Edgers.  These fabulous stencils Janae dreamed up to help create perfect edges to daily boxes or any straight-sided area you want to add a fancy design too.  Video using these is posted below.

Another super exciting event coming up tomorrow is the EPiC sale.  100 planner shop getting together and having a giant sale.  Journal This Now is happy to be offering a 35% off discount here on the website.  Our processing time for this sale will increase to 2-3 weeks.  Make sure you check out all the awesome shops involved in this sale  The sale started Friday morning July 27 at 9 est and runs thru Sunday, July 29 at midnight.  

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