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Some Pig!

Some Pig! 

Fall in Minnesota this year has been awesome! Mild weather has delayed the inevitable winter that looms over us. But we miss most of it, because, like most of you, we have jobs and obligations that keep us indoors and on the run most of the time.  

On this particular day, Jenn texts me and says “you better come outside”,



Being the worry wort that I am, by the time I came out of the office, down the stairs and hit the garage door, I had envisioned my husband pinned under the tractor or some sort of accident with the chainsaw.  (Being the cheery, carefree person I am) Instead, I couldn’t believe my eyes.  

A Pig! . . . . . In our driveway!

I just thought Jenn was getting us lunch!?! 

Lesson learned:  Sometimes you just need to stop and . . . .  well . . . .  smell the roses.  Otherwise, we might miss a visiting Pig. . . . . And a sunny Autumn day!

So I had to record this day in my journal!  I hope one day my Grandkids will look through my journals and think, “Grandma had a fun life”  Just the way I feel when I look at pictures of my mom and dad.  

Here is how I used our Pig Stencil in my LT1917 dotted A5.






Where there is one pig, there are others!  Cow Sheep and Chicken stencils were born. Here is one idea on how to use our pig stencil with colored pencils.  

and remember . . . . 

Winter is coming!

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