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Floral Wreath Elements Stencil

We have sold a few of our new Floral Wreath Elements stencils, and we wanted to be sure you knew what a fun tool this could be.  I love being able to embellish and create my own look and to encourage you to “play” too.   I hope this video will inspire and take a little mystery out of how to use this floral addition to your stencil collection.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions when using our stencils or stickers. 

Also,  Good News!  It’s been a creative weekend at Journal This Now and we are posting 8 new stencils in our new “State” series.  Thank you to everyone that participated in our Facebook poll.  We are continuing to work our way down the list, so if you haven’t seen your state stencil introduced yet, be sure to add it to our list. Or, shoot us a message!  Here is one of our first 8 to be posted today and tomorrow. Have a great week!

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Welcome Autumn!

Beautiful Fall Weather, Harvesting of Gardens, Back-to-School and a Bounty of Fall Stencils and Stickers for your Journal!

Thanks for helping us celebrate our first year of creating fun stencils for you and making some great friendships along the way.  We love helping you be purposeful in making the best use of your journals no matter which kind you have chosen to work with.  There are so many options to choose from and each one unique and customizable for you.

Make sure to check out our new Stickers. We have over forty designs all ready to embellish your journals.  Color them to your heart’s desire. 

In this sample, we used our new stickers called Daily 1031 (how exciting of a name it that?) and the soon to be posted “Weather” stickers.  Also, we used our newest stencil “Squares for LT”.  We hope it will become one of your most useful tools in laying out your journal pages.  11 boxes, sized to fit the dotted or grid pages in your Leuchtturm 1917 journal. 

We always suggest your trace your layout, first with a pencil, then follow with your favorite pen. Please stay with us, while we post more blog content and how-tos.